Whilst we understand that claims to exclusivity might seem incredible, we take our promises seriously. It’s part of our honest approach to business.

Here’s what makes us different:


We are absolutely passionate about our business, our people and our clients. Our business is owner managed and operated ensuring that our clients and our people receive the focus and attention they deserve. We’re a skilled team of dedicated individuals with excellent strategy, BPO operations, finance, risk management and technology skills. We have developed an intimate knowledge and understanding of the needs of our global clients. We are learning more each and every day.

Successful Partnerships

Our relationship with our client is based on a sustainable and skilled partnership. We believe that our clients are our partners – that’s why we share the value we create with our partners and our people in acknowledging the value they bring to our business. We believe so strongly in tried and tested partnerships that we will only proceed with a live campaign once we have completed a successful pilot with a prospective client.

Quality Guaranteed

Quality and excellence are the foundation of everything we do. To this end we strive to build and maintain a culture of quality. Every call we handle is recorded and our customers have immediate access to these as part of our commitment to quality and transparency.

Our dedicated quality assurance team listens to our calls with a view to delivering a high quality customer experience on every call. Feedback from our quality assurance team is fed back into our training and coaching. It is also used to improve our sales and customer care processes.

We have an impeccable record when it comes to quality with a customer complaints ratio of less than 0.001% on our established campaigns. Poor customer interactions are often reported to our clients before the customer escalates the incident. This allows us to partner with our clients to proactively resolve customer complaints before they get out of hand.


We employ highly skilled and motivated people working flexible hours with an unlimited performance driven remuneration structure. A number of our people have lived, worked and travelled extensively in the markets in which we operate giving them an intimate understanding of the customers we talk to day in and day out. Our people think of themselves as global citizens operating and adding value in a global universe.

Cost Effective

Access to highly skilled and motivated people at competitive rates relative to the markets we service, make the South African call centre value proposition an intelligent and highly effective option to drive sales and service customers for global clients targeting English speaking customers.

Global Leaders

Our current clients are global leaders in their respective fields. We have developed an enviable client base in a relatively short period of time. Our industry expertise covers telecommunications, financial services, information technology, utilities and retail. We work with global clients based in the United Kingdom, Europe, USA, Australia and South Africa.

A Leading BPO Destination

BPESAAs companies worldwide respond to increasing cost and efficiency pressures, South Africa is becoming a favoured international location for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and offshoring.

South Africa is developing quickly into a high quality BPO centre of the world. The country has transformed itself into a hub in the communication industry offering a skilled talent pool, advanced infrastructure and a favourable market that keeps costs low.

This, in addition to the global best practices associated with outsourcing, the country is also boosted by renewed attractiveness as an offshoring destination. A combination of improved telecoms infrastructure and an abundant pool of skilled and motivated people makes South Africa a cheaper and more viable option than an in-house operation overseas.

This makes Miracle Communications the perfect choice for local and international contact centre delivery work.