Our team of highly skilled professionals has more than 100 years of collective international telesales and customer care skills and experience.

Our people have lived, worked and travelled in our key markets making them global citizens who truly know and understand the needs of our global clients and the markets in which they operate. Our dedicated team of trainers and coaches work closely with our people to tailor their skill set to cater for the distinctive requirements of each client.

Our clients can be assured of the best possible service as our people operate in an inspiring work environment with great working hours. Our performance driven remuneration structure ensures that our teams are highly skilled and motivated. As a result we attract, retain and develop top performers. Our best performers are some of the top earners in our industry; many of our team members are award winning sales and customer care professionals recognised by our industry as leaders in their field. They exceed client sales targets on a consistent basis.

Our core team members

Denton Muil

Denton is a qualified chartered accountant and a member of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA). He was head of Information Technology at Investec Private Bank and a member of the executive team responsible for Investec’s Private Banking business. He was previously an Associate Director at global advisory firm PwC. Denton’s exposure to global business at the highest level and his passion for our business are key ingredients to us building a successful and sustainable business that will stand the test of time. Denton has excellent strategy, finance, technology and risk management skills and is responsible for our business strategy, business development, finance, technology and operational risk. He values building businesses with people and believes relationships are at the core of excellent delivery.

Bruce Muil

Bruce co-founded Miracle Communications and has been instrumental in the acquisition of leading global brands as clients. Bruce has spent his working career as an entrepreneur in the retail industry as the owner of two highly successful and award winning franchises in South Africa. Bruce has set up a number of businesses as well as being selected by bp to own and operate a bp franchise in South Africa. Bruce has an intimate understanding of client service, sales and extensive experience in running businesses that require passion, customer focus and strict operational control. Bruce is responsible for every aspect of our delivery to our clients. He personally runs our call centre operations. Action orientated and focused on finding innovative solutions to business problems, he has worked and travelled extensively through 57 countries giving him an intimate knowledge and understanding of the needs of our global clients.

Tim Campbell

Tim’s strength in project management and his natural ability to lead makes him an obvious choice to lead the Miracle Communications Customer Service team. His past experience in a large corporate, entrepreneurial know how, tech business start-up and exceptional sales ratings ensures that our clients receive the best performance results.

Diana Steven

Diana has been with the Miracle Communications family since 2009 making sales and customer service her passion. Her extensive knowledge and experience of the sales cycle, as well as what it takes at a personal level to be successful in a contact centre environment, has provided a solid foundation for leading the Miracle Communications sales team so effectively. One of the reasons Diana is so successful is that she has a unique ability to connect and empathize with people both in person and over the phone.