We offer the following specialised services:

Outbound Calling

We offer our clients skilled and experienced sales and customer care professionals with relevant industry experience who work with our clients to ensure the success of their campaigns whilst delivering an outstanding customer experience. Our unwavering focus on tried and tested partnerships means our clients continue to return as our reputation as a leader in outbound calling services continues to grow.

Direct Sales

Telesales forms the core of our service offering and our highly skilled sales professionals tailor their skills to maximise each client’s sales conversion rates, without compromising their integrity to suit each client’s requirements.


We contact client’s customers to invite them to conferences, events and functions on the client’s behalf. We perform customer surveys and follow up on customers our client is targeting with specific marketing campaigns. If our client needs to talk to their customers we can deliver their message with a customer experience specific to their business.

Customer Retention And Upselling

Customer retention is fundamental to any business. It is vital to have a great retention strategy, which can be delivered effectively. Our sales professionals not only retain customers but also take every opportunity to offer them a little more.

Customer Data Validation

We help our clients to keep their customer records up to date by confirming customer contact names, titles, email addresses and contact numbers.

Lead Generation

We generate leads for our clients. Always opted in and always compliant with the legislation in the markets we service.

Contract Renewals

Our services include renewal of current contracts that are close to expiry before competitors get to them.

Inbound Call Handling

We support our clients with above the line campaigns and product launches. We handle customer complaints and queries and provide first line product and technical support customised to our client’s requirements.

Customer Care

We deliver excellent customer care by ensuring a special relationship between customer and agent that leads to customer satisfaction and customer retention.

Helpdesk And Remote Reception

We offer the services of a help desk and remote reception ensuring the smooth running of our client’s business without any hassle to them. Wherever our client is in the world they can leave their reception with us.

Quality Assurance

Quality is inherent in everything we do.
Our highly skilled and experienced quality assurance team ensures that our customer complaints are less than .001% on established campaigns. In addition our quality assurance team provides feedback aimed at continually improving the quality of our customer interactions. Outsourcing your quality assurance to us is just another way you can add
value to your business.

Pilot Period

At Miracle Communications we believe that tried and tested partnerships are key to our success. We believe our clients become our partners as we both work together towards the same dream. That’s why when a client signs on with Miracle Communications we only proceed with a live campaign once we have completed a successful pilot with our client.

This helps to determine whether we are able to deliver enough value to create and sustain an effective and mutually beneficial partnership. It helps us understand your requirements and your business and align our delivery capability to your specific needs. Thus, we limit the business we take on, which ensures focus, quality service and the assurance of a successful partnership with our clients.

It’s part of our promise to deliver quality and excellence in everything we do.

Voice Clips

Want to listen to some of our Sales Professionals right now? Click below to listen: